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this is starting to get real!

23 Aug

Hey all!

So this is now the beginning of my last FULL week in America. It hit me today when someone asked me when I am going to be leaving and I replied “next week.” Don’t get me wrong, I am super ecstatic (I have a countdown that reads 8 days, 14 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds as we speak) but I’m starting to dread saying goodbye, which is the worst thing in the world to have to do.

Anyway, my mom is already stressed about me packing that when I got home from work on Saturday she had half of my closet laid out on my bed. Packing is the most tedious thing I can imagine doing during my last few days here but I know eventually I’ll have to do it.

On the other hand, I thought some of you would be interested in what mine and Joachim’s place is going to look like so here are some pictures…

Luckily, we will be renting this apartment with all the furniture included 🙂 And, as you can see, if any of you come to visit we will be having one giant sleep over in our living/bedroom! yippee!!

That’s all for now, I’m off to pack! HAHA YEAH RIGHT!!


2 weeks from departure!

17 Aug

Hello all!

As many of you may know, I am about to embark on a journey to Helsingborg, Sweden to live with my boyfriend of a year and half while he goes to school. I decided to start this blog in case anyone was interested in how my life is going to change over the next few years. I will try to keep up with this, but just like anything else I do, I may forget about it and then have to write a literary novel to update you all on my recent happenings.

As of right now, I am in the beginning stages of starting to realize how much stuff I have crammed into my bedroom at my parents’ house and am wondering how in the heck I am supposed to pick two bags worth of items to bring with me. Luckily, I kind of cheated on the two bag rule when Joachim left because I sent a third bag of my stuff with him! Hey- he was only checking one so I thought it was only fair if he used his second bag to bring some of my stuff back with him!

Nonetheless, I hope you all take this blog for what it is and keep in contact with me as well. I’ll try to upload pictures as they come and I’ll post our new address on here so you guys can send me stuff as well 🙂

Puss Puss (Kiss kiss in Swedish),