*Job Update*

9 Sep

Hi dolls! (Don’t I sound like the Kardashian’s?)

Haha. Anyway, here I am exactly one week after I landed in Copenhagen and I’m STILL tired. Just kidding. For those of you interested, here’s an update on my job situation…

Joachim, his mother and I figured that my best bet was to apply for jobs at international schools in our region because a. you don’t need a teacher’s license to teach here and b. they speak ENGLISH at these schools! Hurray! On Monday, after I figured out where Helsingborg International School was I decided to take a walk over there to introduce myself. After my 20-minute walk (uphill, in the snow..) I arrived at what I thought was the school. I walked toward the front door and noticed a bunch of construction so I decided to ask one of the construction workers what was going on. Wrong idea. None of them would talk to me and they claimed they didn’t know English even though they responded to my “Excuse me, can I speak to you” question. Come to find out, the school that I was at was the NEW location for the international school. So now it is Thursday, and I’ve had to wait until today for Joachim to drive me to the old location because it turned out to be too far to walk.

We drove to the outskirts of the city  and pulled up to what looked like Yale University. Now, I have never been to Yale but this is what I would picture it to look like. Trees the size of Texas were evenly spaced along the small roads that winded around the old brick buildings from the 1800s. Joachim swore he saw Elin (Tiger’s ex) driving around in a gray Ferrari with oversized sunglasses but then he realized he was just fantasizing. Joachim dropped me off at the door, I walked up the stairs and found an office to my right that was marked “Mrs. Little- Secretary” but she wasn’t in there. I figured this was a great place to start so I sat down outside her door and waited for her to return. 15 minutes later she still wasn’t there so I decided to walk around and look for someone to ask. As I walked down the hall, all the children were screaming and doing what little kids do but it was in ENGLISH.  Since I haven’t heard any English in over a week it sounded like angels were singing and it was actually nice to hear my native language. I ran into a teacher who was a few years older than me and she told me that Mrs. Little had a meeting on another campus and wouldn’t be back until much later. So, now I will call tomorrow morning and hopefully meet someone over there some time during the day.

Another job opportunity has arisen today from Joachim’s friend Ali whom he met at school. Ali’s friend does PR for a company in Copenhagen and is looking for more help. She actually asked Ali if he wanted to work there but he didn’t have the time so he picked up the phone and called Joachim to see if I was interested. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have to speak Swedish or Danish to get this job.

Joachim’s mom, Carina, has also been going through most of her contacts at schools down here to see if any of them could use my help. Unfortunately the only opening for a teacher was to teach students how to drive ships! Now, I know most of you may think that I would be an expert at this since I circumnavigated the world on ship but I don’t think there is any way I could B.S. a class full of students who probably know a thing or two about ships and how to drive them. Carina isn’t giving up hope on finding me another job, and neither am I.

I think this is all I have for now 🙂

Puss puss,


P.S. I feel sorry that all of you have to put up with that crazy guy who is going to burn the Quran on Saturday. I hope to hear from each of you so I know you are all okay! lol. It’s sad to me that everyone here knows about this crazy dude! Doesn’t make America/Americans look too good now. Anyway- peace and love to all of you!

P.P.S Below are some pictures of my first week here- enjoy!


3 Responses to “*Job Update*”

  1. Mom September 10, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    Very nice — now you don’t have to answer my questions in my e-mail. This blog answers them. The pics are gorgeous. Can’t wait to visit!!

  2. Miranda Blauvelt September 18, 2010 at 12:54 am #


    It was nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one taking a leap of adventure. I just moved to Los Angeles from Broomfield a month ago. It’s been quite crazy and different for sure. I was glad to find out that you are doing well and I know that you will find a great job. How is everything going so far? It must be very different there but I am sure that you are going to enjoy all of it!

    Hope to hear from you!


    • hadley06 September 19, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

      Hi Miranda! So excited that you too a leap of faith and made the big move out to L.A.! What brought you out that way? Everything here is good. My boyfriend and I have to wait until Oct. 1 to move into our apartment so we’ve been staying at his dad’s apartment for a while and are about to move to another house today. So it’s been hard not having a place to lay out all my stuff but I’ve been managing. So, are you living by yourself in LA? Do you like it? I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing great as well. You’ve always been such a nice person with so much going for you 🙂 Keep up your great attitude and you will be able to conquer anything! Keep me posted on your new life-and write me on facebook so not everyone can pry into our conversation 🙂

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