fingers crossed :)

19 Sep

Hello all! Here is a little update to keep your mind from wondering why the heck I haven’t posted anything for a week!

So, on Thursday Joachim and I headed down to Malmo to turn in a paper at the immigration office so I could start the process of getting my residence visa. Earlier in the week, we went to the office here in Helsingborg and they told us we needed to go down to the bigger office in Malmo to turn in the paper. Anyway,we got there around 8:45 and we waited in a line of about 20 people for the office to open at 9. When it opened, we walked in a talked to a woman who told us that there was no way that they would take the paper because I will just get a “no” from the immigration board. She said that I should’ve applied for this visa BEFORE I left America and that the only way for me to get one is to go BACK to the States and apply there. First of all, NOWHERE in my millions of readings I did before I moved here did it say this and secondly, how the heck are they about to give this young, Thai woman who married this creepy, old man a residence visa and not ME! So this put us in a bit of a “situation” that definitely put a sour note on the day-not to mention, it was our year and a half anniversary!  After sitting in the car for an hour discussing everything from moving to Australia to seeing if Joachim could go to school back in America we decided that we still wanted to explore Malmo and try to put our bad morning behind us.

We took a bus to the center of the city and started walking around. Of course our walk led us straight into the shopping district so I was in heaven. 🙂 They had about 5 H&M’s on this street, Zara, Mango, MAC (the makeup) and a PIZZA HUT! We paid about 10 dollars each and ate at the Pizza Hut buffet which was heavenly. Yum, that sounds so good right now. Anyway, we just meandered around the city the rest of the day then headed back up to Helsingborg later that night.

On to the good news! At the beginning of last week Joachim found a company based in Helsingborg that is a marketing/advertising/pr agency that deals with mostly international clients. After looking over their website there was a little box at the bottom that said “if you want to know anymore about our company, write us here and we’ll get back to you.” Trying my luck, I wrote that I just moved here from America and that I was a recent graduate from ASU blah blah blah and asked if they were looking for someone to work there. I sent it not thinking that I would hear back and the next thing I know I had a message on my phone from a lady who worked there asking about my e-mail address and such. She told me to call her back or I could e-mail her boss, the CEO, an e-mail with my information. So I did both! I ended up leaving her a message and then decided that I would just write the CEO asking the same thing. So a week goes by, I don’t hear anything and after my run-in with the immigration board I was feeling a bit disheartened about my whole situation. Well, I opened my e-mail inbox yesterday and to my surprise was a note from the CEO telling me that they they are interested in someone who loves to write, and is good at writing in English. He told me to write him back and “present” myself (here that means tell them more about yourself and your background) and that hopefully we could set up a MEETING in the near future!! Amazed that the PRESIDENT of this company e-mailed ME and was intrigued by what I could bring to their company seriously shocked me. So I wrote him back saying why I moved here, what I went to school for, etc. and attached my resume and then he wrote me back within TEN minutes of me sending it! He said that he was glad I wanted to know more about the company and that he would pass my resume around within the office this next week and then call me to set up an interview! Joachim told me that having a company, nonetheless the CEO, get a hold of me is seriously not heard of here and that I should feel really lucky that this even happened. Someone is looking over me 🙂 Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that I can get in the door and get an interview with them!

I’ll post another blog as soon as I hear back from the company 🙂 Below are the e-mails so you guys can read them:

E-mail # 1


My name is Hadley Mick and I recently wrote to you on your website about
learning more about your company and if there were any job openings available. I have tried to call your office but I seem to get disconnected every time I do
so. Anyway, I am a recent graduate from Arizona State University in the United
States with a degree in public relations. I have recently moved to Helsingborg
and came across your company online. I would love to hear from you or one of
your employees about your company whenever you get a chance.

Thanks again,

Hadley Mick

Phone: 073-82-60-299

E-mail from Ulf (The CEO):

Thanks for your interest in Pyramid. Since we are a very international agency, we are always interested in international talent especially if they can and love to write in English…

What is your story and interests?
Please send me a presentation, and we can hopefully set up a meeting in the near future.

All the best!

Ulf Vanselius

My response:

Hello Mr. Vanselius-

First of all, thank you very much for getting back to me. I am very excited that you are interested in myself and I think you will be very happy with what I can bring to your company.

To start, I am a recent graduate from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in the U.S. While attending college, my focus was primarily on public relations and the different writing styles and tactics used in the field. I was also vice president of a national public relations organization for students (PRSSA) and traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California to attend the annual national conferences.

Now I know you’re probably wondering why I made the big step to move to Sweden. I actually did a program called Semester at Sea my third year of college where I took classes onboard a ship and sailed around the world for three months. Thailand turned out to be one of our stops and my boyfriend, Joachim, just happened to be vacationing there with a friend. Long story short, we have had a long-distance relationship for a year and a half now and since my world has opened upon graduating, I decided to come here and try my luck.

I have attached my resume so you can take a look at my past experiences and my knowledge of thepublic relations field. I am looking forward to meeting with you and to learn more about Pyramid. I am very flexible with times during the week so let me know what works best for you.

Thanks again,


Finally, his response:

Thanks for your material.
Have sent it around, and we will discuss internally next week.

Have a nice weekend!


One Response to “fingers crossed :)”

  1. Suster September 19, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Ah that’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear more! Great job!!

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