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So happy!

11 Nov

Isn’t it funny how life seems to work itself out? Today, I’m really starting to notice how things in my life are falling into place and how lucky I am that things are happening the way they are. Originally, I had my flight booked back to Denver on Nov.27th so I could go home to get my work visa. Over the last few days, I have changed my flight to Nov. 18th so I can make it to my best friend, Maggie’s, fundraiser in St. Louis, Missouri with my sister and her husband, Steve. (I also get to be home to celebrate my dad’s 64th birthday the day after I arrive!!) Anyway, if you don’t know, I have been best friends with Maggie since I moved to St. Louis when I was three. I actually remember the day that we met. My mom and I decided to take a walk down our street to see if there were any other kids my age in the neighborhood. We made it to the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the street and found Maggie pushing her little brother, Andy, in a stroller. Maggie immediately said “hello” and asked me to play with her. Ever since that day, we have been best friends. We even coordinated our outfits to wear to elementary school so we could match. Even though I moved to Denver after fifth grade, Maggie and I still kept in touch and manage to see each other almost every year. Anyway, about a month and a half ago Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being 23-years-old this news was a surprise to all of us. Thankfully, Maggie is such a strong, courageous woman with such a big support system that I knew she would battle this till wits end. Being almost 8,000 miles away from my best friend has been so hard and there have been nights where I wish I could be by her side through all of this. Thankfully, with the help of my dad’s Marriott hotel points and mine and Lindsay’s spontaneity we are heading to St. Louis on Nov. 20th! Whenever I think about seeing Maggie I just want to jump up and down! If any of you want to follow Maggie’s journey through her eyes, take a look at her blog. I have to admit, she is a wonderful writer in how she makes you feel like you are right beside her for her whole journey, no matter how far away you may be.

On another note, I get to be home for Thanksgiving AND Christmas! Joachim and I were talking the other day about how crazy it is that my job situation ended up exactly the way I wanted it. Thank god I found Pyramid when I did (2 weeks after being here) because it has taken this long to get everything together in order for me to work there. I am so excited to start working for the company and to learn a new culture in the business world. I actually think I’m going to like working over here better than in America because they don’t have the “all work no play” attitude like most American companies tend to have. It actually worked to my advantage that I have to go home to get my work visa because now I get to see my family and friends and spend the holidays with them. Of course I am going to miss the hell out of Joachim but we know that once I get back we won’t have to worry about finding me a job or when I have to leave again. It’s simply going to be MY decision when I want to leave, not the immigration board! 🙂 Yippee!

I think that’s all I have for now!

Much love,




I told you so…

4 Nov

I knew this was coming. I even warned you about it. I feel horrible that I haven’t updated my blog in what feels like many many months. Actually, as of right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about telling all of you about the recent happenings in my life. But, that’s me. I get so excited about something new and then suddenly it loses my interest and I forget about it! So first, I am sorry! I think in the back of my mind that no one really cares about what I am doing over here but then I think; some people may really want to know about my life. Humbling to say the least. So here I go…not in chronological order!

First of all, I got the job! Yes, I am an official English copywriter for an international advertising/marketing agency called Pyramid Communication AB, located here in Helsingborg. No one can believe that I managed to land a job in the short amount of time that I’ve been here. I guess it’s literally unheard of. On the other hand, the work visa situation hasn’t been the easiest thing to manage. After getting hired, my boss assured me that there would be “no worries” for getting my work visa. A month later, after I’ve called the American embassy, e-mailed the Swedish migration board, filled out paper after paper, and have done extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to come back to the States in order to obtain my work visa. Long story short, I am supposed to have a stamp in my passport before I get into the country stating that I have eligibility to work here and so they can register me in the system once I land here.  Margareta, the CFO of Pyramid, has been amazing in helping me organize the different papers that I need to turn into the migration board once I get home. Currently, I am waiting for the union to send back the paperwork and then I can apply for my work visa. After sending it in, the migration board is supposed to make a decision within 7-8 weeks.  So, as of right now I am planning on coming home on Nov. 27th. In a way, I am kind of happy that I have to come back home to get my work visa. I have been going through times of loneliness and ups-and-downs since I have moved here and could really use some family/friend time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am going to miss Joachim immensely but I think coming home will give me a new spark that I need to start this new job and life here.

Also, over the past month I have been to Germany TWICE! The first time I went to Germany, was to visit my dad’s high school friend, Diane, who invited me to come visit her. She has been living in Germany/ Europe for many many years and wanted to help me in any way she could to make me feel comfortable living in Europe. I went down without Joachim because he had some schoolwork to take care of. Diane (whom I’ve never met before) and I had a wonderful time. She is such a smart and outgoing woman that I felt like I had known her forever. It was great being able to talk to someone who knows what I am going through and to get a little bit of that American feeling back. She even managed to take me to the grocery store on one of the army bases where they had EVERYTHING from the U.S. That definitely cured my homesickness. She also showed me a lot of historical sites and was so knowledgeable about German history and culture.

The most recent trip to Germany was last weekend for the unfortunate loss of Joachim’s great grandmother, whom I never got the chance to meet. We took the trip with Joachim’s dad, step-mom and half brother. This next part might be interesting to some of you. In order to get to Germany, we drove about 1-½ hours south of here to get on an overnight ship/ferry. We drove our car onto the boat, parked it, and then went inside the ship. The ship actually reminded me so much of the MV Explorer (the ship from Semester at Sea) brought back many memories. Anyway! After spending the night on the ship, we arrived in Germany the next morning and drove to the small village (about 2 hours) where Joachim’s “Oma” lived. There, I got to meet Joachim’s grandma, Rosika, whom I never met before. Even though there was quite a language barrier, she was so sweet and glad that we could finally meet each other. We were only there long enough to move some furniture out of Oma’s house and attend the funeral, then we were back on the road again heading home. Unfortunately, the ship was full on the way back from Germany so we had to drive the whole way back. It ended up taking us about 6 hours and two ferry rides to get back to Helsingborg.

Okay, I think that’s all the updating that I can think of for now. I am so sorry that I haven’t put a post up in such a long time. I guess I really don’t have an excuse and I promise that I will update you at least once a week from now on. I hope all of you are enjoying the fall and soon-to-be winter and that I can see most of you when I am home at the end of the month.

Take care,