Back in Sweden!

10 Jan

Hey all! Well here I am. Back in Sweden and officially finished with my first day of work! Wahoo!! Thinking back to September 2, 2010, the day I landed in Sweden, to now, I am so thankful for all the things that have magically swung my way. Think back to that post that I wrote about when that lady at the immigration office in Malmö basically told me that I couldn’t get a job and that I needed to go home to apply from there. Flash forward four months and here I am, sitting at a desk at Pyramid Communication, typing a Wikipedia article about this 19¨/2 communication unit that can survive the hardships of war…not to mention the man who oversees my work gave me two days to complete it and I had it on his desk 2 hours before I left work, day 1.  Anyway, I’m excited to be back in Sweden with Joachim and so grateful that I now have a 9-5 ¨grown up¨ job! Don’t get me wrong, I am still going through family and friend withdrawals but I am keeping my fingers crossed that some of you are going to make the long journey over here and paint my town red with your personalities J

While I was home I was able to go to St.Louis to visit my best friend, Maggie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. It was so nice to see Maggie and hang out, just like the good ol’ days.  We spent our days eating Imo’s pizza for basically every meal, drinking wine, shopping and chatting- just like usual. I miss her a lot and I can’t wait for her to go to her LAST chemo treatment next week!! WAHOOOO!  You’re my inspiration, Mags! Also, while I was home I got to get in some much-needed family time with my mom, dad and sister. Thankfully, my dad had five consecutive weeks of no traveling for work so we spent more time than expected together. We even went to a Nuggets game together! My mom and I did our usual shopping trips back and forth to Flatirons and Cherry Creek Mall about four times a week and I even managed to fit everything into my original suitcases I brought back from Sweden! I made it my point to eat Mexican food as often as I could while I was home because authentic Mexican food is hard to come by over here, actually it’s pretty non-existent, so Lindsay and I managed to go to The Rio a few times while I was home. Krista and I also got to hang out a lot and stuff our faces with sushi. We started to get embarrassed because we kept having the same waitress at the sushi place we go to. Woops! Anyway, Krista will always be a friend that I can count on and someone that I know I can always have fun with. Hopefully she will make her way out here sometime soon so I can introduce her to a Swedish boy and she can move in with him! Haha. That would be perfect! Okay, now that I realized I talked about food for most of this paragraph I am starting to feel like I should go to the gym…!

Anyway, I wanted to thank those of you who made an effort to see me while I was home. I always have so much fun with  my family and friends and am constantly reminded how wonderful the people are who are in my life.

Until next time,

Hej då! (goodbye)




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