Start of week 2

18 Jan


Week one of my job has come and gone but I think it’s going to take me a lot longer to get the whole 8-5 mentality down to a science. I’ve never truly had a job where I’ve had to sit for an extended period of time. Even at my internship at ASU I was only at the hospital PR office for six hours, twice a week. Nonetheless, I think eventually it will be easier for me to sit still for eight hours (with a one-hour lunch) without feeling like I have A.D.D.

As of right now I have gotten to write a Wikipedia article for a computer system that is used in Army vehicles in war conditions, write letters to two young adults my company sponsors; one in India and one in Benin, Africa.  I have also gotten to help figure out a name for a high-speed tube filling machine (the fastest of its kind), write a 10-step guide for an office project for a remodeling company in Sweden, edit a presentation for a surveillance camera, write two articles for one of our client’s websites, name a virtual world for the computer system above, and work on a power point for the new high speed machine to present to the company (Norden Machinery). When I first started studying public relations I thought I would like working for a corporation so I could learn everything there is to know about the company and just write about that. My heart has changed since I have started working here.  It’s really nice to be able to switch back and forth between different clients and learn about the differences. I think if I were just writing for the same company all the time I would get a bit bored with it.

On another note, Joachim finally heard back from the company he’s interviewed with twice and he officially got the job! He will be working as a customer service agent, helping people pick out remodeling materials for their homes. I think! Haha. Anyways, he starts at the end of the month so we will both be bringing in regular salaries by February. We have also just heard word from the girl we are renting our apartment from that she is coming back to town and wants the apartment by May 1st. Thus, we have started our initial search for another place to live since apartments are hard to come by in our city. Right now, in our current apartment, our living room and bedroom are in one big room. My only request for the next apartment is that we have a separate bedroom and living room. It will be a little more expensive but we should be able to afford it just fine.

As for the weather here, I think it’s been a week (maybe more) since I’ve seen the sun! It’s starting to get pretty normal for me, as I don’t expect the sun to come out, so when it does it’s a joyous experience! Now I know why when I first moved here I saw Swedes worshipping the sun everywhere I went!  Anyway, I hope all of you are keeping warm and starting to plan for Spring! Yippee!

Hej då!



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