MEC=done with chemo!!

19 Jan

I felt inspired to write another blog post today.  No, something miraculous didn’t happen in my life that I feel like I have to write about. Nor, did something happen in Sweden that I feel utterly intrigued to write another blog post about either. The truth is, my best friend, Maggie Clubb, has her LAST chemo treatment today and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Yes, that’s right, the VERY LAST one is today!!! I wish like hell that I could be next to her as they take out that last tube and say “okay Maggie, you’re done.” I wish that I could at least see her today, but it’s okay because I know she has so many wonderful people around her to help celebrate this day with her and I know that she knows how I feel.  Within the next few weeks, Maggie will have to go through a mastectomy to fully remove both of her breasts just to prevent the cancer from coming back again. It is the safest choice for her since she is so young. That’ll be the final step in completely getting rid of the cancer and then she will be Cancer-free!! So here it is, the FINAL day of chemo, the FINAL time she has to drive to chemo, and the FINAL day she has to say “who wants to go with me to chemo?”

Maggie Elizabeth Clubb, you are my hero, my inspiration and most of all, the most amazing best friend I could ever, ever have!  Love you, MagPie!


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