February 2011

15 Feb

I’m finally starting to get into the swing of things with figuring out a routine among work, gym and home. I manage to get into work everyday between 7:30 and 7:45 because I’ve always been a morning person. I don’t see the use of sleeping one extra hour when waking up at 7 or waking up at 8 feels the same to me. Once I leave work, I walk down to the center of the city to catch the bus and then walk (5 minutes) to the gym that’s by our apartment. I usually take some type of class, today it’s Body Pump, and then walk home to make dinner and hang out with Joachim. The weeks are going by faster and faster now that I have a schedule. Currently, Joachim and I are looking for a new apartment to rent and it’s become quite a challenge. Since things aren’t as new over here and buildings aren’t being built by the second, finding an apartment to rent is one of the hardest things to do. Most of the time it takes knowing someone who knows someone, who knows someone, to find one at all! So, these past few weeks have been used to search on Blocket.Se (Sweden’s CraigsList) where most people post if they are renting out there apartment. Thankfully, Joachim got a call yesterday from a renting company that said they might have an apartment for us to rent that’s close to my work! We are going in for an interview next Monday so they can see if we are “trusting” enough. It is a 2-room (1 living room, 1 bedroom) apartment on the 3rd floor right above our favorite salad place! We’ve only gotten to see pictures of the outside so we are eagerly waiting for our chance to see the inside. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.  This one goes for 6,700 Swedish Kroner a month, which is about $480 per person a month. It’s also a “first-hand” lease, which means we don’t have a date when we have to move out, which is really nice. We can also decorate/paint it however we please. Joachim also got a call from a family yesterday that is renting out their 3-room apartment (1 living room, 2 bedrooms) for 7,500 kroner a month, which is about $535 per person a month. It’s a second-hand apartment though, so we would have a date when we would have to be out. That family was heading on vacation for two weeks and said they would give us a call when they got back. THUS, yesterday turned out to be a wonderful apartment day for us and helped us start to change our mindset of  “we are never going to get an apartment to rent and will be living on the streets as of May 1st” mentality.

Enough with apartment hunting, I just assumed some of you might be interested in that part of our lives (especially my sister; real estate agent extraordinaire). On another good note, Lina and I have become really great friends and find ourselves hanging out as much as we can when the weekends roll around. She is studying to be a real estate agent at a university in Malmö, which is a 1-hour train ride south from where we live.  Usually during the week we are busy with work, school, gym etc. so it’s hard for us to figure out a time to get together. Hence, why we spend so much time together on the weekend. This past weekend, we decided to go out…just us girls and we had so much fun together! We started with some drinks at a bar named Helsing and unexpectedly met up with another friend of mine, Caroline, from work. After Helsing, Lina and I ventured over to a dance club called Cardinale and stayed until 4 AM!  We always have a great time when we’re together. I’ll post pictures soon  🙂

I think I’ve done enough rambling for now.

Love you all!


P.S. if you want to check out Lina’s blog (it’s really good) the website is: carolinefrank.se

P.P.S. I forgot to tell you that Joachim is in a bit of a sad state because of the news that Peter Forsberg retired yesterday. He called me when I left the gym and told me he wanted to talk to me about something but couldn’t do it on the phone. I suddenly got worried and demanded he tell me then. Then I heard “Peter Forsberg is retiring. I feel like he died.” Poor guy. Especially on Valentine’s Day! So if you talk to Joachim, remember that he’s  emotionally fragile right now! 😉



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