I made it!

7 Mar

Today marks the first day that I rode my (Joachim’s old) bike to work and it was an (almost complete) success! I was eager to make the 15-minute trek to work this morning so last night, like an anxious 4th grader preparing for her first day of school, I packed my **new** backpack, that has a special pouch specially made for that ever-famous iBook my work gave to me last week, and shoved in my gym clothes/shoes, snacks, gum and my lunch for today. I woke up a little earlier this morning since I planned to leave our apartment around 7:15 to arrive to work at 7:30. Although I forgot my hat, which I later regretted, I managed to get out the door and on my bike in time. Now, last night I was trying to plan the route I would take to work since there’s not a continuous sidewalk/bike path from our apartment to the door of my office. I thought I had it pretty well planned out until I encountered my first obstacle of the morning 5 minutes into the ride: a closed bike path! To my surprise, the path that I was going to take was closed in both directions so I had to re-trace my steps (pedals) back about 100 yards and cross over the street toward the ever-famous, and only, McDonald’s in Helsingborg. As I crossed the street I noticed that where I was headed didn’t have a sidewalk for me to ride on AND there was a car honking at me! So, what did I do you ask? I literally FOUR WHEELED my ass across the front lawn of McDonald’s while people were staring at me from their car windows while they were ordering their Mc-breakfasts! Now, I don’t know if you guys realize, but biking is one of the main forms of transportation around here. Everyone makes it seem so effortless weaving around traffic and crossing the road at the right time that I felt like I had a sign plastered on me that said “WATCH OUT! AMERICAN TRYING TO RIDE A BIKE!!” Oh, did I mention that Joachim’s bike looks like it was pulled out of a WWII museum? Thus, the front wheel and handlebar wiggle ever so slightly as I peddle down the street AND over the rocky terrain of McDonald’s. I swear I saw my life flash in front of my eyes. Anyway, I made it to the desired stop light/cross walk that I wanted and made the rest of my way to work trying not to make eye contact with anyone driving past me. Thus, I learned two things this morning. 1. Wear a hat. By the time I got to work my ears felt like they were bleeding and 2. Fake it ‘till you make it. Besides my little road block, McDonald’s four wheeling snafu, I think I tricked everyone around me to think that I was a legit, bike-riding to work, European master at the wheel in my rusty-blue WWII bike ☺

As for this weekend, I didn’t do too much. Friday after work, Joachim and I ventured out to a furniture store to scope out some new stuff for our apartment. Didn’t find much at the first store but we started narrowing down what style couch we are looking for. After that, we had a relaxing evening and caught up on American Idol episodes. Saturday, we went to the gym in the morning and then went to another furniture store that was a bit outside of town. We ended up finding a couch that we really liked but decided to look around a little more before making a decision.


Joachim found "his" spot already!


After this, we headed home so Joachim could get ready to go bowling with his floor ball team and hang out with them for the night. I ended up having a night in by myself that included an hour-long Skype date with my parents, reading a People magazine that my mom ever-so-greatly sent me, watching “Good Hair”- that Chris Rock movie about the world of African-American hair (and surprisingly it was really interesting), and watching an episode of the Jersey Shore. On Sunday, Joachim and I had a lazy morning and watched the world’s longest cross-country skiing race, Vasaloppet, which ends in Joachim’s hometown of Mora. This is the one sport that Swedes LOVE and I literally don’t understand what all the hype is about. I mean, yeah it’s cool that someone can cross-country ski for 4 hours (90 kilometers) but the excitement of this just isn’t there for me. Thus, I dozed in and out until it was over. After that, we went out to IKEA to start to look for some other furniture and found, but didn’t buy, a couple of things. That night, Lina came over and had dinner with us while she waited for Simon to get home from his floor ball game. After Lina left, Joachim and I watched a movie called “The Tillman Story” which was extremely interesting. If you aren’t aware, Pat Tillman played football at ASU and later, the Arizona Cardinals. After September 11th occurred he resigned from the NFL and joined the military. He was tragically killed by, what they later came to find, friendly fire. The sad part is is that his family was initially lied to by the government about what really happened. That’s all I’ll say so I don’t give too much away, but I really recommend watching it. After the movie was over, I realized that I needed to stop showing Joachim all of these movies about the U.S. government (Sicko, 9/11) because he is literally starting to wonder if the U.S. is all it’s “hyped” up to be. I also realized that this isn’t helping with convincing him to move to the U.S. eventually! Haha.

All in all, I had quite the relaxing weekend and I feel rejuvenated today at work. I hope you all are enjoying the start of Spring and are continuing to read my blog.

Take care, The Swenglish Girl

Here are some more pictures from the weekend:


Found some "Rocky Mountain Marshmallows" at our local grocery store!




I swear he's happy!




Joachim's excited "let's go look at furniture" face



Joachim in Lady Gaga's "egg"


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