Something from home :)

24 Mar

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been giving me compliments about my blog. It makes me so happy to hear that you guys are loving what I write and are continuing to follow it. It really encourages me to keep on posting and updating you on what is going on over here, even if it doesn’t seem that exciting to me.

This week has been a bit more fun-filled than past weeks. On Tuesday, Joachim stopped by the apartment rental company and picked up the keys to our **new** place. That evening, we headed over to take another look at it and take some measurements so our trip to IKEA this weekend can be as successful as possible. After seeing it for the second time, I am starting to get more excited about decorating and making it “our own.” It was dark when we arrived and the only lights that worked were the ones in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom so I took some pictures so you guys could see it. Once we get lamps in the living room and bedroom (or go over when the sun in out), I’ll take pictures so you can see those rooms too. The kitchen is still on the small side but it seemed a bit bigger when I saw it the second time.


Standing at the door, looking into the kitchen. Bathroom is directly to the left.




Our little bathroom. The positive side is that the floor is HEATED! Planning on putting drawers/shelves up in the right corner over there.



Right side of the kitchen











left side of the kitchen. the lady before us left that table and stools there for us because she didn't want them. makes a nice little breakfast nook. Refrigerator and freezer next to it and window at the end.













Lina also met us over there so she could get a sneak peek at our new place and hand off her dog, Tindra, so we could babysit her for a few days. Luckily, my company allows us to bring in our dogs to the office (if we need to) so Tindra has joined me at the office the last couple days. She’s very small and lays (sleeps) on my lap for most of the day.


Little Tindra











Also, yesterday I received a very nice package from my family back at home. I was so excited to see the little notice slip in my mailbox when I got home yesterday and sped over to the post office on my bike to pick up my package. It ended up being quite large and heavy but I still managed to shove it in my backpack (with 6 inches of it sticking out the top) and rode home, sitting at a 45-degree angle so it wouldn’t pop out. Definitely felt like a nerd but I didn’t care! I quickly threw it inside the apartment and peddled over to the gym to catch a quick Indoor Walking class. For those of you gym nerds, indoor walking is like any other group exercise class but it’s full of elliptical machines and an instructor at the front. I guess it originated in Spain and has yet to make its way over to the States, but once it comes you guys should give it a try! Definitely a great workout. ANYWAY, after my Skype date with Beth (my second mom in Arizona) I eagerly sat down at the table and opened my box! It seriously felt like Christmas in March 🙂



Some of its contents!

Inside there were: magazines (People, Urban Outfitters, Crate and Barrel), a cookie recipe book (for when I start my American bakery here), gum (my favorite “5 Rain”), peanut butter M&Ms (to DIE for), a pedometer (my mom claimed she had to many so she sent one to me), a very cute Colorado Rockies tee from Victoria’s Secret (my ever-so-wonderful sister bought me), Luna bars (the best little snack bar to ever be invented), Crystal Light (they don’t have it over here and it helps me drink more water) , gloves (that I see my mom got on sale for .75 cents! That lady can never pass up a deal J), sunflower seeds (jalapeno seasoned), Annie’s cheddar bunny crackers (random, but delicious) and a box of Special K (my all-time favorite cereal, ever!). After “oohing” and “aahing” over the contents of my box, I came to realize that even though these things may be small, it’s the small things in life that make me SO happy. Joachim gave me some grief for being excited about Crystal Light, but when something reminds me of home, I can’t help but be excited. Do you guys know what I mean?! Anway, thanks Mom, Dad and Sister for putting this box together for me. I love it and I love you guys! And I also love the rest of you who read my blog even though you don’t send me boxes full of American treats 😉 Just kidding!


That’s all for now. I’ll upload another post next week with more pictures of the apartment and pictures of our new couch and bed IN our apartment.

Hope you all are enjoying your week.





2 Responses to “Something from home :)”

  1. Mom March 28, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    Hey, Had — this posting was fantastic! Made me feel so good that you enjoyed the box so much AND described everything. I’ll be sure not to send condoms or BCPs! Maybe a Nuva ring or two. Apt. looks great — including the kitchen.

  2. hadley06 March 29, 2011 at 6:34 am #

    glad you liked the post 🙂 it really does make me so happy to get something from home. it’s the little things 🙂 love you SO much! xoxo

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