An Ongoing Process

29 Mar

This past weekend flew by quickly because our time was mostly dedicated to our setting up our new space. Saturday morning we picked up our couch and since the furniture company loaned us a trailer, we picked up our hallway closet doors and our bed in one, full sweep. Joachim’s dad helped carrying the couch and bed up the three flights of stairs while Lehna (Joachim’s step-mom) and I chatted and watched them do it all 🙂 After we returned the trailer to the furniture store, we picked up ANOTHER trailer from the gas station and headed over to IKEA. Four hours and $2,000 later, we emerged with a coffee table, 6-drawer dresser for our bedroom, a decorative light/lamp thingie for our bedroom, a BIG, silver/antique-looking mirror, a TV-stand, curtains for the living room and bedroom (along with curtain rods), decorative pillows for the couch, trash cans, a bathroom mat, a small lamp for the bedside table (I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so we still have to buy one) and light bulbs. I think that’s everything, at least according to my photographic memory that’s everything! Anyway, we managed to throw all that stuff inside our apartment and return the trailer back to the gas station 2 minutes past our 4-hour rental period but weren’t charged extra. We decided our day had been long enough so we decided to start the massive assembly party on Sunday.

The beginning of Sunday went pretty well. The bed went together very quickly and there was minimal arguing about what went where. Next, Joachim started to assemble the massive dresser, which ended up taking (no joke) FIVE hours to put together. While he worked on that, I had the pleasure of putting together this light/lamp thingy that hangs from the ceiling in our bedroom. It’s hard to explain what I had to do because you kind of have to see it to understand, but I opened the box and all that was in there were about 12 plastic strips with designs on them and a plastic circle that I had to attach these things to. Not to mention, Joachim had already hung the main part from the ceiling so I was to do this while balancing on a stool and holding my hands over my head. After the first try, the light/lamp was a bit lopsided and I was starting to get frustrated. I’ve come to realize that if something doesn’t go right the first time, I tend to get VERY pissed VERY quickly. Thus, it happened and Joachim had to play the role of the understanding, “don’t worry everything will be alright” psychotherapist while I sat on the couch with this damn thing on my lap (I made him take it down from the ceiling). Five minutes later and voila, I had the damn thing looking like the balanced, circle-thingy it was supposed to be look like! Anyway, long story short, we ended up getting the bed, dresser, coffee table and half of the TV stand put together on Sunday and left the apartment around 9 p.m. We went back over yesterday (Monday night) after work because Joachim bought our new TV! It’s a Samsung, 46-inch, LED (I think). Anyway, pictures of all of this are soon to come! I am waiting for a more finished look (and I still need to pick up the 8 million IKEA boxes that are littered throughout our apartment) and then I post some pics.

Joachim and I are headed to Mora, leaving Thursday night and returning on Sunday night. It’s my first Swedish road trip!! It’ll take us 8 hours to get up there but we are really excited to see some old friends of ours 🙂 Stay tuned next week for pictures (hopefully) and stories from Mora!

Love you all!!

Our IKEA trip! Doesn't look like much because everything is compressed into those little boxes!

The infamous, 5-hour dresser!


2 Responses to “An Ongoing Process”

  1. Mom March 31, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    Everything looks great! So proud of both of you that you stuck to it and got it done. Glad we weren’t anywhere around — LOL!!! I’m so happy for both of you that you re going to have this fantastic apartment — and that you worked very hard to get it together. Why don’t you both go out to dinner on us? Have fun in Mora — say “hi” to all. Luv ya!!!

  2. Mom April 22, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    Hey, Had — not seeing any postings lately–whatsupwiththat? I miss reading them. Luv ya!

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