Viva España!

4 May

Joachim and I officially booked our tickets to Spain last night and couldn’t be more excited. We have been invited to come to Spain to celebrate Bengt’s 50th birthday in June! Joining us will be Joachim’s dad, Bengt (obviously); step-mom, Lehna; brother, Alex; 2 sisters, Charlotte (whom I’ve yet to meet) and Erika; and I believe another relative or two are joining the mix. All of the “kids” are on the same flight to Alicante, which departs on Thursday, June 16th, and then Joachim and I will fly back on Saturday, June 25th, on a late flight.  Joachim’s family has rented two houses in a town called Torrevieja, in which the adults get a house and the “kids” get the other. We don’t really have any structured plans yet but I know that I will be calling the beach my other home 🙂

I have to say that my Spanish has become a bit rusty since moving to Sweden and trying to learn Swedish. Now, I find myself, when thinking about how to say something in Spanish, thinking about a Swedish word before a Spanish word. (Does that make sense?) Thus, my brain is jumbling three languages around in my head. I can only imagine what is going to come out of my mouth when trying to communicate in Spain. I think I am going to try to brush up on my Spanish a little more before our departure so we don’t find ourselves lost in a foreign country.

This summer is also filled with other fun things to look forward to, such as my birthday (June 6th) which is actually Sweden’s national day, thus we get 3 days off of work (hell yes), my trip back home in July (July 16th-29th, tentatively), the annual trip that my company takes all of the employees on (we don’t know where we are going yet, but will soon find out), working an hour less each day during the months of July and August AND my parents are going to make their way over here towards the end of the summer/early fall!

Don’t forget to make your moms feel special this weekend! I wish I could be home to give my mom a hug on Mother’s Day, so give your mom an extra one for me!



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