New Addition

2 Aug

After what seems like the quickest 2 weeks of my life, I have made it back to Sweden after one of the longest traveling days of my life. To put it briefly, it took me 27 hours to get back because my first of three flights was delayed, causing me to miss the next two. Anyway, I had an absolutely amazing time back at home. My time was filled with Mexican food, a Rockies game, shopping (lots of it), dinners out with friends, downtown Denver, new glasses, doctor’s appointments, much-needed family time and great conversations. I am so lucky to have the best family and friends in the world and I can’t wait to come back. December isn’t THAT far away.

On another note, I am proud to say that Joachim and I are proud new parents of a new kitty, Enzo. While I was home, Joachim called me and told me about a cat that had been visiting his dad’s house for a few days. After making calls to neighbors and the city pound, the cat remained unclaimed and created a spot in Joachim’s heart. Enzo is still in the process of getting used to living in a house (we think he once lived in a home then was forced to live in the wild for a bit before finding us) so he is still a bit scared of sudden movements. Once you can convince Enzo to come next to you and get that first scratch on the back of his head, he’s all yours. In a few months time I have a feeling he’ll be a very snuggly kitty.


Also! My parents will be making their way to Sweden in 15 days 🙂 They arrive on August 18th and I couldn’t be any more excited. We are planning on heading to Stockholm that first weekend they are here then probably a day in Copenhagen and some other small villages along our coastline. I can’t wait to show them my new home and create memories with them in Helsingborg. It will be such a great time. Counting down the days…

That’s all I have for now. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by but I am so thankful for everything I have gotten to do this summer (and my travels aren’t even quite over yet)!

Promise to keep you updated more often. (Famous last words).

Love you all!


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