Just what I needed

29 Aug

My parents are officially back home in the States and we couldn’t of had a better time while they were here. Those ten days seemed to fly by so quickly and here I sit, looking back on it all and wondering if they were even really here. I’ll give you a quick recap of our activities so I can catch you all up on what went on while they were here.

First, my parents were really taken back by the town that I live in (Helsingborg). I don’t think they expected Helsingborg to be as beautiful and quaint as it really is. We spent many days just wandering around the town, stopping for coffee, lunch, shopping and many photo opps. We headed to Stockholm for three days where we wandered around Gamla Stan (Old Town), which was conveniently located just down the hill from our hotel, went on a boat tour around the city, sat outside and drank coffee at a café in the middle of a square (my mom’s one request), watched the changing of the guards at the royal palace, ate delicious dinners and got a chance to be a family again.


Once we were back down south again, we headed up the coast toward Mölle, which is a town along the coastline, where we parked and walked through a forest that ends at the tip of the coast with extraordinary views. My mom also made it a point to outfit our cat with everything possible to make it feel “at home” in our apartment. With the new kitty litter box (with a roof on it to keep the smell down), new toys, a new three-story kitty tower, food, treats, etc. I think Enzo may be the most spoiled cat in Helsingborg.

The day before they left, we took the train down to Copenhagen (where their flight was departing from) and checked into the Hilton next to the airport to make the bag transfer and check-in as easy as possible for the next morning. We took the rest of that afternoon to check out Copenhagen where we had lunch alongside the water in which a jazz trio had just happened to set up shop next to where we were sitting. After lunch, we took yet another boat tour but this time around Copenhagen. After the tour, we shopped a little then headed back to our hotel to enjoy our last night together.

I can’t imagine doing anything different while they were here. Everything just seemed to happen as it should and we all had such a great time together. Saying goodbye is never easy and I’m still trying to get over the fact that they’ve already come and gone.

108 days left until I am home again.

I love you mom and dad! I am so lucky that I have two parents who would travel across the world to hang out with me (especially with a few broken ribs). I can’t wait until we are all back together and can have our family all in one place again.


2 Responses to “Just what I needed”

  1. Mom September 8, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    Hey, Had — So sorry that I’m behind on your postings, but am caught up now. What a wonderful writeup about our trip and all that we did. Dad & I had the most amazing time — and so relaxing. You’re right, Helsingborg truly impressed me. I loved walking everywhere. And, I was so inspired by that Swedish woman on her way to work (could tell by the way she was dressed) on her bike (w/ no gears!) riding up that big hill that I was walking down and not even slowing down — or breaking a sweat. My gosh!

    We so appreciate all that you and Joachim did for us while we were there. We had a wonderful vacation and would love to come back sometime. But, we’ll stop in Iceland on the way — LOL!

    • hadley06 September 9, 2011 at 6:10 am #

      Hey Mom! Not a big deal 🙂 I put up posts quite randomly so I don’t expect you to be checking them everyday. Anyway, I’m glad you and dad enjoyed your time so much. It felt good to finally be able to show you guys where I’ve been living for the last YEAR! Gone by so quickly. Love you so much!

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