Day 28

10 Nov

Is there something in your life that you’re afraid of? Like, not just something you don’t like, but something that makes you look like an absolute crazy person running around, screaming and making a fool out of yourself when you see it? Well today’s photo challenge is definitely something that does that to me…

A picture of something you’re afraid of

I can barely look at this darn picture without getting creeped out. My whole family (and Joachim) can attest to the fact that when there is a spider in sight, I can not be in the same room until I know that thing is successfully flushed down the toilet. Actually, all insects of that matter pretty much do this to me. We have this darn tree RIGHT outside our balcony door that sprouts flowers in the summer time and I swear we had a least two bees fly into our apartment every day this summer. Poor Joachim had to put up with my shrieking at the sight of one and even with his calming words, I could not stand to be close to one. So the moral of the story is, Hadley is one big scaredy-cat and acts like a 2-year-old who sees Santa Claus for the first time at the mall and throws a big fit. Love it or leave it, people.


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