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Dad Update

5 Aug

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been keeping up with what’s going on with my dad. It really means a lot to me, and definitely him, that so many people have reached out to call and write to him. When I left off, all we knew was that he had a “couple” broken ribs and was supposed to head back to the hospital on Thursday morning to get another CT Scan to check out the air pockets outside his lungs. All day Wednesday he stayed (by himself) in his hotel room, worked a bit and was still very uncomfortable with the amount of pain he was in. He made it to the hospital Thursday morning and the doctor told him how many ribs he really broke. Seven to be exact. I was in shock when I heard this and was a bit saddened by the fact that they let him leave the hospital that first day, all alone, with seven broken ribs. The first day, the doctor told him that he had broken “a couple” ribs in which my dad thought that meant two. I think if he would’ve known he broke seven, he would have been more adamant about staying in the hospital where he could have help getting around, eating, etc.

Anyway, my mom is flying out to San Diego Friday morning so my dad has some company in the hospital. He is supposed to be there for 48 hours so they can monitor him and give him higher-powered drugs. Another thing the doctors saw when he went in on Thursday was a build up of mucus in his lungs because he hasn’t been able to cough since he is in so much pain. Hopefully, with the higher medication, he will feel less pain and be able to cough some of that stuff up (gross I know). When I spoke with him yesterday he sounded like he was in better spirits and was on the road to recovery. He told me how much he realized how many friends he really does have and all the love he has felt since this whole ordeal has happened.

Thank you guys for thinking/praying about my dad and my family. It truly means a lot that so many people care about him and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you. I’ll keep you updated with what comes next  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and give the people you love just one more hug.

Love you all!!



Man down

3 Aug

Before leaving work yesterday I received an e-mail from my mom telling me that my dad had fallen while walking to a restaurant in San Diego on Monday and had possibly broken 2 ribs. After work I called my dad to get filled in on what was going on. The story is that my dad was walking across the street when he saw a car headed toward him. He went to get out of the way and didn’t see the curb to the left of him. Unfortunately he tripped on the curb and landed on the left side of his upper body. Thankfully the car stopped and asked if he was okay. A bit embarrassed by what just happened, my dad said he was fine and just figured he got the wind knocked out of him. After dinner, he returned to the hotel to go to sleep and realized he was starting to be in a lot more pain. He forced himself to go to bed but woke up mid-morning, he realized that he could barely breathe. He called the ambulance (and my mom to make sure he had all the insurance information right), and then he was on his way to the hospital.

He is still in San Diego, with two broken ribs and another appointment for a CT Scan on Thursday to make sure an area outside his lungs is okay. And here I am, 6,000 miles away and feeling so sad that my dad has to be alone. When I decided to move all the way to Sweden, my number ONE fear was that something was going to happen to someone in my family or one of my friends and there would be nothing I could do to help. Hopefully my sister (my mom is on a business trip in Arizona) can make it out to California to help my dad out. Seems like even the smallest tasks give him massive amounts a pain – and having to do everything by himself isn’t any help. After I talked to him yesterday he was building up the strength to get into his rental car and DRIVE to get his pain medication.

Daddy, if you’re reading this, I love you and I know that you know that if I could be on the next flight to San Diego, I would. I hope the healing process doesn’t take too big of a toll out of your daily life and that you can become healthy and active soon! Stay strong so you can make the long trip over here in TWO weeks. I promise I won’t squeeze you too hard when I give you a hug 🙂

Love always,

Your moochka 🙂

Cooking Anxiety

5 May

So last night I was eager to try my new “Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp” recipe that I recently found, here. I headed to the store after my body pump class and picked up the necessary ingredients including a bottle of fish sauce.  I was a bit weary of using fish sauce because I’ve heard how bad the smell is, but I decided to pick up a bottle anyway so I could follow the recipe to the “t.” Anyway, I raced home, deveined the shrimp (the only bags available were with the WHOLE shrimp, eyes and all, so deveining took about 30 minutes) and I started chopping the necessary vegetables. I had just poured in the coconut milk and was getting ready to put in the fish sauce. I reached for the bottle and realized there was a seal on the top of the bottle that wouldn’t budge. I picked up the knife (which we JUST bought at IKEA and is super-duper sharp) and tried to cut off the lid. Bad idea. The knife slipped right off the lid and straight into the top of my left wrist. I immediately ran it under water and grabbed some toilet paper to cover it. Realizing the toilet paper was going to do it justice, I grabbed a (clean) kitchen towel, wrapped my wrist and put pressure on it so I could call Joachim. Mind you, I was home alone at the time. Joachim, who was at work, can’t usually answer his phone on the job because he is busy answering phones for his company, so I didn’t reach him on the first try. Knowing my cut was pretty darn deep; I ran out of our apartment and knocked on our neighbor’s door. The old lady answered and I immediately asked if she spoke English. She said she did so I managed to tell her what I had done but she was a bit confused about where I lived, exactly. I tried to convince her that I was her new neighbor, but that was beside the point. I told her what I had done and asked what I should do, and she responded, “I don’t know, go downstairs”! At this point, I was getting a bit nervous about my hand falling off that I decided to call Joachim one more time. Luckily, this time he answered, I told him what happened and he rushed home from work to take me to the hospital.

This might be a bit graphic but when I uncovered my wrist to show him the damage I saw what looked like a piece of green onion stuck in my cut. When I tried to wash it away, I realized that wasn’t a green onion…it was one of my veins popping out! Omg. That was the last time I looked at the cut.

Anyway, we arrived at the hospital and got pretty speedy service upon arrival. The nurse was really nice and cleaned my cut and gave me some pain medicine while I waited for the doctor, who had been just called to another part of the hospital for an emergency. After about 15 minutes, the doctor came in and introduced himself. He did some quick finger tests to make sure that I still had feeling in my pointer finger and thumb because he said he could see my tendons. Luckily, the tendons were still in tact so he went on and gave me 5 stitches and sent me on my way.

the damage

Another side note, the doctor asked me where I was from and I responded “the United States.” Before I moved here, when I would travel I figured it was obvious that I was from the U.S. so I when people asked me where I was from, I would say Colorado. But, once I moved here and responded with “Colorado,” people were dumbfounded about where in the hell that was, so I resort to sticking with the U.S. ANYWAY! After I said the U.S. he kind of gave me this look like “OBVIOUSLY” and I went on to tell him that I was from the big CO. Come to find out, he’s been to Colorado about 10 times and has been hiking/camping in Estes Park every time. While he was stitching me up we talked about the Rocky Mountain National Park and about how he wanted to live in Boulder once he retires. I was in and out of the hospital within an hour and managed to have a pretty good experience for the circumstances.

All in all, I’m feeling fine today. My left hand is a bit sore just because of where the stitches are placed. I can get my stitches out in 10-12 days and I should be as good as new. I am actually starting to feel a bit scared to pick up that knife again, but I know that I just need to take things more slowly and be a bit more careful.

Feeling good!

That’s all for now. Be safe in the kitchen…especially with big knives. And, Happy Cinco de Mayo!