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Quick Update

16 Aug

The weekend flew by once again (like it always does) and now we are getting ready for my parents to arrive on Thursday morning! My dad is still in a bit of pain with his ribs and is hoping the doctor will prescribe him some more “heavy duty” drugs before he heads over here. He’s been able to relax at home for quite some time now so hopefully that will help speed the healing process up a bit. While my parents are here we plan on showing them around Helsingborg, bring them to my office for “show and tell,” have a barbeque at Joachim’s family’s house, head to Stockholm for three days for a boat tour, sight seeing, shopping and meeting up with Joachim’s mom. Then we’ll head back down to Helsingborg, possibly go to Copenhagen or Malmö, drive them up the coast to check out some small coastal villages and then we’ll decide what else we want to do as the days come.  Pretty exciting stuff huh? I can’t wait!

This past weekend Joachim and I went to his family’s house for dinner to celebrate Alex’s 18th birthday on Friday! Saturday we slept in then went for a walk downtown to an international street market that was in town for the weekend. There were booths from all over — France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Turkey, etc. with food and little things from each country. We managed to buy some fudge from the English booth and were going to buy some Thai food for lunch but decided against it. Saturday night we met up with some friends from work and went bowling and then headed back to our apartment to put our new beer pong table to work! We decided to have a mini tournament in which Joachim and I won, but we did have an unfair advantage. Sunday we spent the day cleaning and hanging out (like always) and watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Was a really great movie!

I will try to type up some posts while my parents are here but I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t have a whole lot of time to do so.  Hope you’re having a great start to your week!