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Happy Thanksgiving…a few days early!

21 Nov

Okay, let me address a few things to set the record straight:

1. Thanksgiving is NOT celebrated in Sweden…because the pilgrims didn’t settle here, the settled on PLYMOUTH ROCK in the United States of America.

2. We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday because a. I have to work on Thursday and would have ZERO time to make Thanksgiving dinner and b. We will be seeing Joachim’s mom and grandma this weekend so I won’t have time then either.

3. As you will see in my pictures, there’s one thing missing…the turkey!! My mom tells this story-I’m still not sure if it’s true or if it’s just a cop-out because she doesn’t want to make a turkey every year- about when my sister and I were younger, she went to all this trouble to make this very nice turkey for Thanksgiving, stuffed the damn thing and all. Unfortunately, when she placed it on the table, Lindsay and I took one look at the bird and both started hysterically crying. I’m still not sure if it was because of this huge dead bird in front of us or maybe my mom just burnt the hell out of it (i think it was option a) but to this day my family just has turkey breast and ham on the big day. Also, if you know anything about me, it scares the living daylights out of me to eat anything straight off the bone (feels too cannibalistic to me) so we just have a nice little ham sitting at the end of the table 🙂

So, I hope I have answered all of the looming questions and will thus bless you with the great pictures I took of our feast.

–Someone watches a little too much Dexter…

And poor baby Enzo fell into a sleep coma after all that turkey ham!!

So there you have it, my FIRST ever Thanksgiving that I made by myself…in Sweden…where they don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving…and I didn’t even have a turkey. Oh c’mon, give me a break!!


Too cute not to post…

24 Oct

Okay this has nothing to do with my photo challenge, but I came across the CUTEST pictures on Pinterest today and couldn’t NOT put them up…Take a lookie and I’m sure it’ll brighten up your Monday 🙂 P.s. A photo for the challenge is still to come today. Just think of this as a 2-for-1.




Source: via Hadley on Pinterest


Source: via Hadley on Pinterest



You’re welcome 🙂

Poor Enzo

20 Sep

Couldn’t resist putting up these freakin’ cute pictures of baby Enzo. Unfortunately he lost his manhood last week but seems to be doing quite well with the recovery. Luckily, he hasn’t had any struggles with the cone on his head and we actually find him licking the cone to clean it! I told Joachim that maybe we should keep that darn thing on him forever!




Mr. Conehead:

We are hoping that once he recovers from his surgery he will mold into the epitome of the perfect cat. As of now, he is allowing us to pet his belly (which before would lead to a swift scratch on your hand) and give him little kisses on his forehead. I think I was a bit spoiled with my wonderful cat, Elly (who is currently living with my parents and I’ve heard has become quite HUGE, thanks mom). I got her as a baby kitty from my professor at ASU and I was able to mold her into just the type of cat anyone would love. Enzo is a bit tougher to mold since we found him outdoors and you know what they say: it’s hard to teach a cat new tricks. Or something like that.

Wish us luck!