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Day 13

20 Oct

Det är torsdag och jag studerade svenska i skolan ikväll 🙂 Can anyone make a wild guess as to what this means?! On another note, today’s photo challenge is:

A picture of your favorite band/artist

This is Justin Nozuka. Many of you probably don’t know who he is and that is a shame. Actually it’s better for me because then I can have him all to myself 🙂 Kidding. But seriously. This guy has got some seriously chops on him and is quite the talented musician. His most famous song is “After Tonight” in which I had the pleasure of introducing to many of my friends as soon as it came out (I wanna say 3 years ago) and got them hooked 🙂 You know who you are. Anyway, I’ll leave some links at the bottom of this post to some of his best songs so you guys can go check him out.

My heart is yours (live)

Golden Train

After tonight (radio edit)


After tonight (acoustic)