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The countdown disorder

27 Sep

I found a quote today that really caught my attention:

Anyone who is close to me knows that I have a countdown for everything. When Joachim and I were living in different countries, a countdown was always started the day we left each other until the next time we saw each other again. Currently, I have found that I always have a countdown, in my head and on my dashboard, counting down the days until I get to go to Colorado again. (79 days, 15 hours, 59 minutes). I have come to realize, though, that how fun is it to live a life when you’re always looking forward to something else? I am going to make it my goal, even though it may be hard at first, to live each day to its full potential because I will never, ever be given a chance to live this day again.

Do any of you struggle with this “countdown syndrome”? Do you think there will ever be a point in your life when you’re not counting down to something else? I would love to hear what you guys think about this subject!