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Day 30

14 Nov

It’s day 30 of the 30-day photo challenge! I did it! I actually posted a picture every day (during the week) the ENTIRE time and if I say so myself, I’m pretty dang proud that I did that ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels good to post on a more regular basis and it also helps to get all of your sweet comments about how much you have been enjoying this little challenge. So for the last day, the photo challenge is:

A picture of someone you miss

This is a picture of my Grandpa Hartman (my mom’s step-father) who was the best grandpa any girl could ask for. My grandpa and I had this connection that I hope my children will someday have with my dad. It was like I could do no wrong in his eyes and he was SO proud of every little thing I did. He even kept EVERY, SINGLE seashell I found at the beach ย and displayed them above the TV for all to see…all 574 of them! My grandpa knew how much I LOVED to save my money when I was little (I wish that carried on into my older years) so the one time I decided to splurge on a giant teddy bear at the mall (I think it cost 20 dollars), after I had paid, he pulled me to the side so no one else in my family could see a stuck 20 bucks in my pocket and said “shh, don’t tell.”

I wish he was around to see that young woman I’ve become. I know that he’s always around me, and he’s so proud of what I’ve done since he’s passed. Grandpa, if you’re reading this…I think about you more often than you will ever know and you were the BEST grandpa in the whole world. I promise to live the rest of my life the way you did; laughing the whole way through it. I love you Grandpa Hartman and I hope you and Grandma are having a grand ol’ time up there!


Day 12

19 Oct

Hello everyone and happy hump day!! This week has flown by so far (for me at least) because I’ve been super busy at work and after work with the gym and class and everything else. Today’s photo challenge is:

A picture of something you love

I had to switch my answer around because this challenge says a picture of SOMETHING you love, not someone or somebody you love. Thus, I had to take down the picture of all my friends and family and put up a picture of a THING I love, which is to laugh, smile, have a good time, etc. I think the only way to live life, and live it well, is to have a constant positive outlook on any situation that you happen to be in. I also think that to life a LONG life you must be always surround yourself with people who make you laugh and who you know will always be up to make others smile.

When I first moved to Sweden, I realized that no one here smiles at each other and it really took me a while to get over. At first, I was a bit upset that no one was smiling back at me on the street but then I realized that it’s their culture to not engage with someone that you do not know. I have stopped smiling at people for a while now, but came to a realization recently that I don’t care and that I’m still going to be me and smile at people, even if they look at me like I have two heads. Smiling makes ME feel better and that one time someone actually smiles back, will make my day that much better.


Day #3

6 Oct

Challenge for day #3 reads:

A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Now, I just want you all to know that I’ve been going back and forth on deciding whether or not to put this picture up here. I was trying to think of what a normal, 23-year-old, “young adult,” with a “real job”, living abroad should have as her favorite TV show and I realized that Teen Mom probably doesn’t make the top of the list. I thought “maybe I should put up the Grey’s Anatomy cast or the cast of Friends” but truthfully that’s not me or who I am. And if you really know me, you knew I would be lying if I put any other cast up there besides a reality TV show cast because, seriously, that’s ALL I WATCH.

So here I am. Telling the whole world that I am still a sucker for teen drama, especially when cute babies and baby daddy’s are involved! Plus I feel as though Macy, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn are basically my best friends (who don’t know it) so, go ahead. Judge me all you want ๐Ÿ™‚