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Day 10

17 Oct

Hey guys!

Sorry this post is going up a little later than usual but I’ve been really busy at work (and doing some extra work at home) that I’ haven’t had time to write the post for today! SO, here I am 🙂

Today’s challenge reads:

A picture of the person you do the craziest things with

Once again, I had to bend the rules JUST a bit to include more than one person because when all three of us girls are together, things usually hit the fan. Now, I’m not gonna go on and on about the crazy things that we do together (even though I know you’re dying to know) because who’s to judge us on whether or not the things we do are really that “crazy.” Right girls?!  All I know is that Angie+Krista+Hadley spells one good time!

P.S. Can’t wait to be reunited with you girls in T minus 59  days!! AHHHHHHH



24 Sep

Time for my first beer tasting party! My coworker and friend, Catrine, is hosting a girls-only beer tasting party at her apartment tonight. Each girl is supposed to pick one beer that they like and bring four of them so everyone gets a chance to taste it. Should be interesting especially since my beer palette is not very mature… yet! I’m sticking to my American roots and bringing Liberty Ale, brewed in San Francisco, so hopefully mine is the overall winner! I guess we’ll see 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

After work

23 Sep

Going out after work with a few of my coworkers for a drink or two down in the city. Should be a fun night filled with friends, Yahtzee, drinks and laughter. Joachim is planning on meeting up with us once he gets off work around 8. Should be a fun night.


19 Sep

Our weekend in Malmö was a great success. We spent Saturday roaming around the city, walked in and out of many stores, had a drink before lunch at a French bistro and ate Pizza Hut for lunch (the only Pizza Hut on this side of the country, therefore it was long overdue). We stopped for another drink in a square near our hotel, rested for a bit back in our room, drank some celebratory champagne, got ready for the evening then went out to dinner. After dinner we took a little walk around the area we stayed in, had another drink at an overpriced bar and then decided to call it a night and went back to our room. We really had a great time just being able to get away (but not too far) and spend some time in another city. The breakfast buffet (which is something that Joachim and I tend to look forward to) was of course wonderful but we did get some weird looks for wearing our hotel slippers to breakfast. Oh well! We now are proud owners of THREE pairs of Hilton slippers (thanks Mom!) and TWO pairs of slippers from the hotel this past weekend. Joachim loves them.


And we’re off!

16 Sep

Joachim and I have planned a mini vacation to Malmö to celebrate our 2 1/2 year anniversary! We take every opportunity to celebrate that we can 🙂 We are leaving tomorrow morning and won’t return until Sunday afternoon.

Have a fabulous weekend!


8 Sep

I really didn’t know what to expect going into this trip. I knew that we were going to have fun but little did I know how much fun we were really going to have.

Let me just start off by saying this: Jan, a man from my company who was in charge of planning everything for the trip, flew down to Mallorca a few months ago (on his own time) to check out all the places we were going and to make sure they were “on point.” That being said…every single thing we did literally took my breath away.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but let me say this: the hotel we stayed at was owned by a Swede so we got the royal treatment (free drinks, partied with the owner, was dubbed the honorary bar tender for a bit during the last night, etc.).

Also, an adorable Spanish family consisting of a husband and wife and their daughter owned the vineyard we toured. I was so impressed by their vineyard and villa that at the end of the tour I asked if they did weddings. Don’t worry, Joachim and I are not at that point yet, but I just wanted to know for future reference. (By the way, the answer was no, but there was another villa/vineyard that looked like theirs 20 minutes up the road that does weddings. I’ll keep this in mind). This was my first trip to a vineyard and now I am a bit scared that every one I ever go to will never live up to this one. After the tour we had tapas and a wine tasting in their garden with flowers and leaves canopying over us. Pure bliss. Oh, and did I mention the old man who owned the vineyard was ADORABLE?!

Attended a local beach after the wine tour that was blasting house music out of multiple speakers and had the quintessential tiki bar located just steps from the water.

We also went to an Argentinean restaurant located on a hill about 15 minutes from our hotel. As most of you know I’m not the biggest meat eater in the world but this meat was literally cooked so well I barely needed my knife. Great conversation and amazing wine were of course accompanied with the food.

Some of us decided that we needed to see more of the inner city so our last day there we walked toward the center of town where there is a beautiful cathedral built by a king back in the day that took 100 years to build! He built it so he could be buried in it, but it took too long to build it and he died before it was finished. What a bummer. It was breathtakingly beautiful and was perched atop a hill overlooking the ocean. We wandered around the small streets and went window-shopping for quite some time. The city was very clean and very “livable.” I seriously think I could live in Mallorca for a few years. No joke.

For our last night in town we went to the most beautiful Italian restaurant that was situated on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. I think it was probably the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been to and I couldn’t stop saying to myself “is this real?!” The food was to die for and the conversation that night was wonderful. I finally got over the hump of only drinking white wine and now consider myself an all-around wine drinker. Yippee!

I feel truly blessed to work for such an amazing company with equally amazing people. I left this trip thinking to myself “how am I so lucky to be here and have this amazing opportunity to grow and find new things in life?” I also realized that while I was in Mallorca, it happened to be the one-year anniversary of the day I actually moved to Sweden. I could’ve never imagined that a year later I would be sitting with my coworkers from the best advertising agency in Sweden on the most beautiful island I’ve ever been on. Life is truly amazing.

And now I realize, above I said I was going to let the pictures do most of the talking but that didn’t happen. Sorry I wrote so much but I really wanted you guys to understand what went on while we were there. I hope you all some day plan on going to Mallorca and experiencing it for yourselves.

Quick Update

16 Aug

The weekend flew by once again (like it always does) and now we are getting ready for my parents to arrive on Thursday morning! My dad is still in a bit of pain with his ribs and is hoping the doctor will prescribe him some more “heavy duty” drugs before he heads over here. He’s been able to relax at home for quite some time now so hopefully that will help speed the healing process up a bit. While my parents are here we plan on showing them around Helsingborg, bring them to my office for “show and tell,” have a barbeque at Joachim’s family’s house, head to Stockholm for three days for a boat tour, sight seeing, shopping and meeting up with Joachim’s mom. Then we’ll head back down to Helsingborg, possibly go to Copenhagen or Malmö, drive them up the coast to check out some small coastal villages and then we’ll decide what else we want to do as the days come.  Pretty exciting stuff huh? I can’t wait!

This past weekend Joachim and I went to his family’s house for dinner to celebrate Alex’s 18th birthday on Friday! Saturday we slept in then went for a walk downtown to an international street market that was in town for the weekend. There were booths from all over — France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Turkey, etc. with food and little things from each country. We managed to buy some fudge from the English booth and were going to buy some Thai food for lunch but decided against it. Saturday night we met up with some friends from work and went bowling and then headed back to our apartment to put our new beer pong table to work! We decided to have a mini tournament in which Joachim and I won, but we did have an unfair advantage. Sunday we spent the day cleaning and hanging out (like always) and watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Was a really great movie!

I will try to type up some posts while my parents are here but I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t have a whole lot of time to do so.  Hope you’re having a great start to your week!